Pressure washing in Mt. Pleasant is one of our favorite areas to serve as there is such a large diversity of homes in the area. The job below was one of our regular customers who gets an annual pressure wash on their beautiful home.  Mount Pleasant Pressure Washing

As you can see from the pictures below, the home is kept immaculate and just needed a sprucing up from the pollen and other materials that tends to get on homes in the Mount Pleasant area due to the being so close to the Atlantic Ocean.

When doing any type of house washing on Mount Pleasant homes, it is important that we work with the home owner to see what their needs are for the job.   Let’s take a look into more detail of what our customer was looking for from our soft wash.

Cleaning the roof was a major concern for this customer as their home tends to get a lot of pollen, leaves and debris from the large trees that are behind the home.   One thing we have noticed when doing any type of roof cleaning in Mount Pleasant is that many homes will take tremendous wear and tear in the Summer months due to the regular wind and thunderstorms that occur on a consistent basis.  With this being said,  it is important that the roof is cleaned regularly as buildup from these storms can cause damage if left untreated.

Due to the excessive pollen on the roof, we first treated the roof with an initial coat of water to remove a layer of pollen on the roof.   After completion we did our traditional  soft wash and was able to get the roof to look brand new.

Another roof problem that we see with many homes in this area is that the gutters tend to be full of debris from birds, trees and salt from the wind.   The gutters, which are often impossible to see by the homeowner, seem to be a big issue with many Mt. Pleasant homes.

As part of our gutter cleaning services, we focused much of our cleaning on removing sticks, dirt and grime that had build up in the gutters due to recent storms.   Many homes in the Mount Pleasant area have excessive build up from not only the beautiful trees throughout the area, but also from the ocean.