North Charleston Pressure Washing

Case Study of a Home Pressure Washed in Park Circle Area of North Charleston, SC. 

As Charleston County continues to grow with an influx of thousands of new residents every year, one area that we have seen tremendous growth in is North Charleston, SC.   As one of the top North Charleston pressure washing companies over the last few years we have seen major growth throughout all part of North Charleston with thousands of new homes and businesses pop up each year. north charleston pressure washing

As North Charleston continues to grow so does the need of home services for home and business owners in this area.  While many new homes are being built in this area on a regular basis, the heart and soul of North Charleston comes from the residents that have called it home for many years. 

Many of these older areas are starting to be revived by the city as more and more people move into the North Charleston area.  

Pressure Washing North Charleston Homes

Over the last few years we not only have worked with many new home owners to the area, but have also established our company as the choice for many residents who have lived in this area their whole life. 

As an educator and coach in North Charleston over the last seven years at Garrett Academy and R.B. Stall, one thing that I have carried over to my pressure washing company is my loyalty and appreciation for those families whose students I teach on a daily basis.  I have found out that hard work and a job well done are something that go far in this part of America and have been grateful to find a loyal base of clients in North Charleston. 

North Charleston Soft Washed Home Case Study

One thing that we like to separate our company from others in the area is by showing our customers work that we do on a daily basis on our website.   Our goal moving forward is to take pictures and document each home we work on moving forward and to showcase these to our clients to help them see what we do on a day to day basis. 

In the pictures below we have picked a random house that we have pressure washed in North Charleston.  While many companies like to highlight only brand new homes that are very easily to spruce up, we like to show our users some of the older homes that we are able to improve with our soft washing services.   Below, we will walk you through a home we recently did in North Charleston.  

This particular owner lived in the Park Circle area of North Charleston and has been a lifelong resident of the area.  Like other homes we have pressure washed in Park Circle, this home had a home with an older wooden fence that the owner wanted to focus on cleaning.   A few seasons of pollen and dirt, along with some animal debris, had left this owner’s backyard and fence looking pretty dirty.    Let’s look at how well it cleaned up after we were done giving it a few soft washes. 

Pressure Washing a Wooden Fence

A big problem that we have seen with older homes, is that the owner has tried a DIY pressure wash (or paid another pressure washing company) to pressure wash their fence. pressure washing a wooden fence

The problem with using a traditional pressure washer on older structures is that it has the tendency to peel off paint and wood.   Many pressure washing companies in the area do not have the soft washing equipment that we use and we highly recommend our clients to avoid these high powered pressure washers on delicate surfaces. 

With this home it was important that we pressure washed both sides of the fence as the exterior part of the fence was very important to the home’s curb appeal.   After washing and rinsing the fence on the inside, we gave the fence a second soft washing before we finished the home.  

As you can see from the before and after pictures, we were able to soft wash the fence and clean all of the dirt and pollen without damaging the wood or paint.  

Pressure Washing a Patio

One thing that this customer wanted to focus on is trying to get his backyard cleaned up as much as possible, as they were getting some landscaping done to sell their home.  pressure washing a porch

Like many customers who are looking to sell their home, we highly recommend getting not only their home pressure washed, but every area around their home that a potential customer would see. 

Much like the fence, the patio on this home had not been pressure washed for quite some time.   As you can see from the pictures, this patio had a ton of leaves, pollen and dirt from the past few months that needed to be treated. 

One thing that we focus on when pressure washing a cement patio is that we make sure to give it at least two treatments to get rid of the first layer of dirt, while giving the cement time to dry and following up with another pressure washing treatment to leave it looking brand new. 

Pressure Washing an Older Home

One reason we chose to invest in the soft washing business is that we have studied how the soft wash works great on older homes.   Like we mentioned earlier, many people who own older homes will try a quick fix and pressure wash their home with a traditional pressure washer that they buy or rent from their local hardware store.pressure washing an older home 

With older homes in particular, a high powered pressure wash can cause serious damage to the surface of these homes. 

We have been called in to fix many homes, where either the home owner or a local pressure washing company has caused damage to the paint and/or structure of the home by using the wrong pressure washer.  

We have invested thousands on not only using a soft wash pressure system, but we also use detergents and chemicals that will not damage any home.  

Wrapping It Up

As one of the only soft washing companies serving North Charleston, we have taken pride in our ability to service many of the older homes in the area.  

As part of our commitment to being the best pressure washing company in North Charleston our goal is to not only showcase our work, but also to have the best customer service in our industry.

If you want to learn more about what Soft Wash Pros can offer please feel free to call us anytime at 1-843-696-6121? 



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