Driveway Cleaning Services

We can make your driveway look brand new. Check out how our driveway cleaning services can work for you.  

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Often the first thing a person sees when viewing a home is the driveway.  At Soft Wash Pros we offer driveway cleaning services to make your driveway look like new in one afternoon.

Unlike other portions of a home, a driveway often gets the most wear and tear and definitely gets the most visibility from the street.driveway services Summerville   A beautiful home with an ugly driveway can make or break the overall appeal of a home, especially if you are looking to sell your home.

When providing concrete cleaning it is important to understand how to treat a number of issues that a driveway may have.   Car fluids, tree debris, and other various stains all can make your driveway look dirty. 

As the #1 Summerville driveway cleaning service we take pride in that we can eliminate almost any type of foreign substance on your driveway.  

Let’s take a look more in-depth at the driveway cleaning services that we offer

Oil and Car Debris Removal:  Cars can take a toll on your driveway ,  not only do cars bring grime, salt and mud from wherever you venture out on your car but they also can bring nasty oil spills and spots that can become unsightly.   A soft wash on a driveway is a quick way to get rid of these problems and make your driveway look brand new.

Soft Washing Keeps Driveways Clean:   If you ever wash your driveway with a regular water hose, you will often find the same dirty spots showing up again and again.  With a soft washing of your driveway, we are able to get deep into these unsightly spots and make the surface look good as new.

Better than traditional power washing:   Traditional power or pressure washing can do more harm than good when it comes to cleaning a driveway.  While the driveway may look clean, the wear and tear from the chemicals that are used in a traditional pressure washer, along with the high PSI can do damage to the surface of your driveway.

Driveway cleaning is just one of our many services that we offer.  If you are interested in a free estimate of how we can make your driveway look brand new, give us a call at 1-843-696-6121.


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