As one of the top pressure washing and top gutter cleaning services in Summerville, SC we get a lot of questions from our customers on what are the best ways to clean gutters in the low country.

Unlike many other parts of the country, residents in the Charleston, SC area have many more problems with keeping their roof and gutters clean on a regular basis.    Before we give tips on how to keep your gutters clean, we will look into what problem areas we see on many low country gutters.

Debris:  Trees and other shrubbery are perhaps the major cause for gutter problems that we see.  Many customers that we work with have a hard time keeping their gutters clean as they have a constant barrage of  sticks and leaves that fall onto their gutters.

Pollen:  If you have lived in the Charleston/ Summerville area for any period of time, you know how much pollen fills our air throughout the year.  In fact, according to Charleston Allergy & Asthma center, our area is ranked #26 in the country for fall pollen each year.    Pollen is not only nasty on allergies, but it tends to stick and stay on many homes and businesses in the low country.

Insects:   One of the first things that catch your eye if you are not originally from the Charleston area is the amount of insects that you will see.  Like much of the Deep South, the low country has insects that live year around and many of them like to inhabit different areas of the home, including the gutters.   During our daily pressure washing duties, we will uncover many nests, webs and eggs from a variety of insects, many of them in gutters.

Other Wildlife:  While being in a warm climate and near the Atlantic Ocean offers far more pros and cons, we are home to many birds, reptiles and other critters that like to use gutters as their own.   In fact, just last week while doing a gutter cleaning in Charleston, we found a nest of baby birds that we were able to help relocate.  This wildlife tends not to be very clean and can lead to damaged and dirty gutters.

Weather:   Once the hurricane season hits, many gutters on homes are damaged and destroyed by our constant barrage of rainstorms and windy conditions.  With this being said, many gutters can get full of debris and dirt very quickly during this time of year.  Besides the thunderstorms and winds, many homes in the Island areas or near the Atlantic Ocean coast will get salt and sand that can cause damage to their gutters.

The 5 Best Ways to Clean Gutters

As a pressure washing service located in Summerville, we have become experts in cleaning gutters in our area.  Here are our 5 best ways to clean gutters on a regular basis.

  • Rinse Your Gutters Regularly:  One thing that surprises me with many homes that we work on with gutter damage is how easily many of these problems could have been avoided if the owner just kept up with routine cleaning of the gutters.   While a high powered pressure washer can cause damage to gutters, there are many different hoses that one can find at their local Lowe’s or Home Depot that work great on gutters.   We use some of these ourselves when we clean gutters.   A traditional garden hose can be used on some gutters, but it is wise to invest on an attachment or higher powered water hose that can clean your gutters.gutter cleaning summerville


  • Remove any debris after storms:   Our summers are full of storms, many causing debris to be scattered on roofs throughout the area.   With this in mind, it is important to check your gutters after any major storm to see if there is any debris that is causing buildup.   If you have a tall house and cannot reach or see your gutters, hire an insured professional (such as Soft Wash Pros) to help you with all the hard to reach areas of your home.    We offer discounts to all of our previous customers on any type of sprucing up that they may need after a storm.


  • Be wary of wildlife on your roof or in your gutters:   While most of us love the wildlife that the Charleston area offers, there are many nuisance animals that can cause problems to your home, especially your roof, attic and gutters.  If you hear any scratching in your attic or notice any wildlife (especially raccoons, birds and squirrels) on your roof more than normal it is best to check out the situation yourself or hire a wildlife control company to investigate.  Early detection of wildlife on your roof can help save thousands of dollars from the potential damage they may cause if they start to nest and take over your home.


  • Get some type of gutter guard system:   If you have the extra funds, we have seen more and more homes that have some type of gutter guard system installed on their home.   While these do cost a pretty penny up front, many of the homes that we have worked on with these gutter guards generally tend to stay much cleaner than gutters that are left uncovered.   Our best advice is check reviews in your area and ask around on social media to see what local companies offer the best product and service for your gutters.


  • Get a 2nd pressure washing every year:   If you are one that lives in an area with tons of trees, we often recommend that your home is pressure washed at least twice a year.   Many of our current customers get two pressure washes a year and their homes tend to look much cleaner than those who wait a full year for another pressure wash.   As a rule of thumb the winter tends to be the easiest on low country homes, so we recommend our customers to get their first pressure wash in early Spring  (March or April) and to get another one after hurricane season  (Late November or early December).  The great thing about living in our area is that we hardly ever get freezing temps and your home can be pressure washed year around.

Wrapping It Up

While we are often labeled as strictly a pressure washing company, we offer cleaning services to your home or business as a whole.   With a truck full of supplies that work on every type of surface and ladders to reach almost any height, we specialize in keeping our customer’s gutters clean and free from debris.

If you are interested in learning more about our services that we offer or what we can do, feel free to call or text us at 1-843-696-6121 or reach out to us on Facebook so we can meet your needs.